Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Object-based Image Analysis Symposium 2007

Object-based Image Analysis Symposium 2007 I received this email about a symposium on image classification/segmentation technologies. More info is available from: http://giif.cnr.berkeley.edu/obia2007 Here is the press release: June 7-8, 2007 (with an optional additional Definiens Professional workshop on June 6) Geospatial Imaging & Informatics Facility (GIIF)UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. Join us for an intensive hands-on conference this June, focusing on Object-based Image Analysis (OBIA). High spatial resolution remotely sensed images have become commercially available and increasingly used in various aspects of environmental monitoring and management. Analysts face challenges dealing with the detail provided by the imagery. New classifiers that make inferences based not only on spectral properties, but also on information such as object shape, texture, spatial relationship as well as human knowledge are proving to be useful in this high spatial resolution world. These object-based classifiers are new, and proving to be useful in many applications. The object-based image analysis research field is rapidly developing, the GIIF will be hosting a symposium and workshop for OBIA practitioners from academia, government and industry where we will discuss the latest developments in programming and application, and work through some of the more thorny problems facing scientists using these tools. The objectives are: * Build a community of OBIA practitioners from academia, governmentand industry * Promote knowledge exchange among scientists * Develop new tools for object-based image analysis * Evaluate open source and freeware image segmentation andclassification * Develop plans and outlines for a Special Issue on OBIA Who this symposium is for: * Users of Definiens Professional, Feature Analyst, or another object-based segmentation /classification technology. * Intensive users and thinkers in object-based image analysis, whohave faced many of the problems with the theory, technology, andmethodology existing today. * People who are interested in participating in in-depth detailed discussion about their and other's experiences using these technologies. Pricing is as follows: * Regular, non-student - $200 * Students - $100 * June 6th's Definiens Workshop - $100 (optional) (Registration for the June 6th workshop is an additional $100,and is only open to those registered for the Symposium. Space is VERY limited, so register ASAP! Local hotels are also filling up fast, so reserve now at an accommodation nearby. Symposium website: http://giif.cnr.berkeley.edu/obia2007 http://kellylab.berkeley.edu - lab website http://giif.cnr.berkeley.edu - the geospatial imaging & informatics facility

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fusion Loader Contexts

Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Fusion Loader Contexts - Unable to cast object of type 'Whatever' to type 'Whatever' Interesting article and links on the way the .NET dll loader (Fusion) works.