Sunday, July 28, 2013

How users see programmers and how programmers see users

Encountered on the InterWeb. Unfortunately this is often true and I see a lot of software engineers treat their users like cave-men. Its unfortunate, because it leads to software engineers not listening to their users or changing features as they (software engineers) think is the right way to implement it. Never a good idea.

Respect and trust between the 2 groups is important otherwise you  risk building the wrong things for the users.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Obi202 not ringing for incoming calls

I recently bought an Obi202 VOIP phone adapter so that I could receive calls on my Google Voice number on my land line phone. (Will post a review soon – but for now just know that I am amazed by this product. Love it).

Anyways, the device was working fine until this morning after which phone calls to my Google Voice number were not ringing on my land-line phone. After a lot of trouble shooting what I found out is that to received calls via the Obi VOPI adapter, you need to enable Google Chat as a forwarding phone. You do this by logging into Google Voice and click on the gear icon (upper right) and then choose “Settings”. Under the “Phone” tab, make sure “Google Chat” is checked.


Monday, July 01, 2013

NonSerializedAttribute cannot be applied to fields that are Events

I recently encountered a compiler error, where I could not apply the [NonSerialized] attribute on a field that was an event.

The error that I got was: Attribute 'NonSerialized' is not valid on this declaration type. It is only valid on 'field' declarations.   

I made the assumption that, the reason for that is that events are not serialized by the serializers and so went ahead and left the field without any serialization modification attribute. Alas, the next day, I got emails from a bunch of people at work that my checkin had broken the app! FIRE DRILL.

Apparently, on fields that are events, one needs to attribute them using [field:NonSerialized] attribute.That fixed the problem and life continued on as usual.