Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dynamics CRM–debugging when using executionContext

Xrm.Page is being deprecated and one needs to pass the executionContext to the javascript function to get at the data that was available from Xrm.Page. But, how do you test your function from the browser’s debbuger?

What I do is I create my own executionContext variable and then pass it to my js function to see how it would work.

fakeExecutionContext = {
     getFormContext: function(){return Xrm.Page;},
     context: Xrm.Page.context

and you would call it like this:


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Azure PowerShell Error: Please provide a valid tenant or a valid subscription

You might get the “Please provide a valid tenant or a valid subscription” error when running some Azure powershell commands (I got it when I ran “Get-AzSKAzureServicesSecurityStatus”).

The first thing to make sure is that you have at least version 5 of PowerShell. You can find this by running “$PSVersionTable” and making sure your PSVersion value is 5.0 or greater.

In my case, what I found out was the reason I was getting this error was that the subscriptionid I was providing was not the same one as the account that I was logged in on the computer. So, what I had to do was to log in to Azure using “Login-AzureRmAccount”. Once I had done that, running the command worked flawlessly.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Azure Logic Apps–Sql Server Triggers being skipped

I was trying to use the Logic Apps “Sql Server” trigger (When an item is created), and the trigger was always being skipped.

After much testing and looking, I found the following requirements for a SQL Server trigger: https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/introducing-triggers-in-the-sql-connector/


The triggers do have the following limitations:

  • Table must have an IDENTITY column for the new row trigger
  • Table must have a ROWVERSION (a.k.a. TIMESTAMP) column for the modified row trigger

A table with the following definition will trigger LogicApps, when data is added (or updated, based on the type of trigger you use):

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Test2](
     [Id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
     [RowVersion] [timestamp] NOT NULL,
     [Message1] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL,
     [Message2] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL,
     [Id] ASC

Its unfortunate that LogicApps works without any errors, when you dont have an identity and a rowversion column defined on your table. It would have saved me some time if it had!