Monday, May 02, 2022

GitHub - Quickly create a patch file

Recently I had to create a patch file to submit to an open source project.

Here is a quick way to do it via the GitHub web-pages.

  1. Go to your pull request (eg:
  2. Add ".patch" to the end. Click enter.
  3. This will redirect you to a new page with the patch info with some additional email info, etc.
  4. Copy the entire text and paste it into a file. Save the file with an extension of .patch.
  5. I found that I needed to add a new line at the end of the patch file.
That is your patch file!

To apply the patch file:
  1. Create a new branch from master (or whichever branch the patch is to be applied to).
  2. Switch to the branch.
  3. Run the following command: git apply name_of_patch_file.patch
If you instead want to manually create your patch using GIT:
  1. Switch to the branch with your changes
  2. Run the following command: git diff master > ..\name_of_patch_file.patch

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

AWS Athena's Information_Schema

The information_schema in most database systems is very useful to get information about tables, views, columns that might be available in that db.

Here are the information schema views available. (WARNING: queries against the information_schema views are very slow)



  catalog_name,  schema_name

FROM information_schema.schemata



  table_catalog,  table_schema,  table_name,  table_type

FROM information_schema.tables



  table_catalog,  table_schema,  table_name,  column_name,  data_type,  is_nullable,

  column_default,  comment

from information_schema.columns

order by

  table_catalog,  table_schema,  table_name,  ordinal_position

Retrieved by looking at the PrestoDB test cases: presto/presto-product-tests/src/main/resources/sql-tests/testcases/system at 2ad67dcf000be86ebc5ff7732bbb9994c8e324a8 · prestodb/presto · GitHub 

Pentaho Data Integration - Java Defined Class - Main working sample

 The sample code provided in PDI for "main" doesnt work. Here is the fixed up version:

mypublicnotes/ at master · rajrao/mypublicnotes (

Pentaho Data Integration - Stripping characters out of string fields

 Here is a generic method (actually 2) for stripping out characters from all string fields in Pentaho.

mypublicnotes/ at master · rajrao/mypublicnotes (

These methods are convenient when you are loading a variety of tables or files and you dont know the names of all the string fields ahead of time and so cannot use field based transformations (like Replace in String, etc).

Thursday, February 17, 2022

PowerBi Icons for Diagrams

 I found a couple of awesome resources for PowerBi icons that you can use in diagrams.

1. Official repo of PBI icons: microsoft/PowerBI-Icons: Icons (PNG and SVG) for Power BI (

2. Marc Lelijveld repo: Marc has provided an xml document that allows you to easily import all the icons into Draw.Io. This makes the whole process extremely easy. marclelijveld/Power-BI-Icons: Icons (PNG and SVG) for Power BI ( The most import link from Marc's repo is the raw link to the xml file: This link can be used in Draw.Io via File >>Open Library from >> URL...

Once done, you will get all the icons in the left pane:

Here is more info from Marc's blog: Power BI Icon Library – now includes official icons to use in / – Data – Marc (

Saturday, January 29, 2022 activate not working

The kids YouTube activation site ( doesn't seem to be working. I was able to sign in via

With 2 kids at home, I feel like a catastrophe has been averted. Hope it helps you.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Emails from service dont go to Email Groups

If you use a distribution group for emails in (eg: Subscriptions to reports or to Dataset refresh issues), you might find that you dont receive the emails if you are using Office365. This is likely because by default Distribution Lists in O365 disable receiving emails from external addresses and this has to be enabled.

This can be done by following the instruction here: You need to enable the option: "Senders inside and outside of my organization"

PowerBi REST API - A binary operator with incompatible types was detected. Found operand types 'Edm.String' and 'Edm.Guid' for operator kind 'Equal'.

 I was trying to query to get workspace with a certain ID.

Using this as the filter (id eq 9c02ab25-0e94-4835-92e6-62ac6460acd0):, causes it fail with the error

  "error": {
    "code": "InvalidRequest",
    "message": "A binary operator with incompatible types was detected. Found operand types 'Edm.String' and 'Edm.Guid' for operator kind 'Equal'."

The fix is to put your GUID within single quotes: id eq '9c02ab25-0e94-4835-92e6-62ac6460acd0''9c02ab25-0e94-4835-92e6-62ac6460acd0'

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Creating/Documenting your Lego designs

I recently needed to create a lego build instruction for the Lego team that I coach. I have used Lego Digital Designer, but that tool has been discontinued.

I found that the new tool the community uses is called:  Bricklink Studio and it can be downloaded from: Studio Download [BrickLink]

When you need to add parts, you can do it via the Palette Config:

The sets I imported are:

  1. 51515 - Robot Inventor Mindstorm
  2. 45678 - Spike Prime Set
  3. 45680 - Spike Prime Expansion Set
  4. 45300 - Wedo 2.0

And here are some links to additional parts you might need:

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Set 51515 part list and Studio part files (

Studio Spike Prime - Google Drive (via CAD.pdf (

CustomParts-51515 - Google Drive (via CAD.pdf (