Friday, November 12, 2021

Android 2021 - scrolling capture not working with Chrome browser

 Looks like the scrolling capture functionality is application dependent. With Chrome, you can enable this functionality by visiting chrome://flags/#scroll-capture

Once you enable and restart, you should I'll be able to scroll capture web pages in chrome.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

GitLens Remote Provider Settings for AWS CodeCommit

 If you wish to enable the shortcuts in GitLens to open remotes, as shown in the following screen shots, here is how I did it.

Screenshots of the shortcuts:

1. CTRL+SHIFT+P to open command palette.

2. Type Preferences: Open Settings (Json). Click on it to open the user settings file.

3. Add the following code, fixing the region values (As a Gist: (

"gitlens.remotes": [{
        "regex": "https:\\/\\/(git-codecommit\\.us-west-2\\.amazonaws\\.com)\\/v1/repos\\/(.+)",
        "type": "Custom",
        "name": "AWS Code Commit",
        "protocol": "https",
        "urls": {
            "repository": "${repo}/browse?region=us-west-2",
            "branches": "${repo}/branches?region=us-west-2",
            "branch": "${repo}/browse/refs/heads/${branch}?region=us-west-2", //
            "commit": "${repo}/commit/${id}?region=us-west-2",
            "file": "${repo}/browse/refs/heads/${branch}/--/${file}?region=us-west-2&lines=${line}",
            "fileInBranch": "${repo}/browse/refs/heads/${branch}/--/${file}?region=us-west-2&lines=${line}",
            "fileInCommit": "${repo}/browse/${id}/--/${file}?region=us-west-2&lines=${line}",
            "fileLine": "{line}",
            "fileRange": "${start}-${end}"