Sunday, May 28, 2023

Applying for US passport in 2023

We needed a new passport for our daughter as her passport expires in 5 months and 3 weeks from date of travel (country requires 6 months). 

Panicking, we emailed our senators and representatives. Got a call from one of them and they advised to call passport phone number and tell them country we were travelling to needs a visa (urgent passport appointment is provided 28 days out for countries needing passport).

Time line

May 5: figured out we needed new passport. Called passport agency, was told to call back 2 weeks prior to travel.

May 6: emailed senators and representatives

May 8: got call back from one of the representatives' staff advising about calling back and telling them that we needed a visa

May 9: called passport agency and got an interview date for May 23 at Colorado office in Aurora. Lucky for us this is a 30 minute drive for us.

May 23: appointment was for 8am. Should have lined up 30 minutes early. Line was long, but efficiently managed. Had flight tickets, birth certificate (as passport was for kid and this is considered a new application and not renewal), paper work about needing visa. The entire appointment lasted less than 60 minutes. Was told to return after 2pm on 25th to pick up passport.

May 25: got passport (took 15 minutes)


1. Everyone we spoke to from the phone staff to the people in the Colorado passport office were extremely helpful, efficient and great to work with.

2. Didn't really need help from senator/representatives, but the help they provided telling us the provision for visa, was the breakthrough we needed.

3. Next time we will apply for passport 12 months prior to expiration, as many countries need 6 months validity on passport for travel.

4. Kids need a ds-11 and you are reapplying for a new passport (I believe until age of 16). Their passports are valid for only 5 years.

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