Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Running within a seperate AppDomain

Here are some useful blogs that can steer you in the right direction for using the AppDomain class, to create a new application domain within which you can run your dlls. The reason that I found the AppDomain useful is that our dlls run within a different application. We did not want to create a config file that would be linked to that applications' executable. Nor did we want to drop our dlls into their applications' folder. So we used the AppDomain class. We were able to setup our own application base directory. Also we could setup our own config file. This was done in the entry point of the dll, that would be called by this other application. Look forward to seeing a sample project that I used to test this feature. Run features in a seperate application domain Jeffery Palormo's blog A dev source article on the same subject : DevSource Ranjan Sakalley's blog: Also check these MS employee blogs Suzanne Cook Jason Zander Chris Brumme Also read this article by App Domains and Dynamic Loading by Eric Gunnerson

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