Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Passing Function Pointer to Unmanaged Class from Managed Class

While working with the FlexLM library, I had to register some callbacks. As I was working with managed C++, I had to come up with a way of passing a function pointer from my managed class to the unmanaged FLexLM library calls. (I am not using the DLL, but staticly linking to the FlexLM library). What I found is there is no way to pass a managed function to the unmanaged function. __gc public class managedClass { public: void myCallBack() { } managedClass() { //set_callback is a function from the unmanaged library set_callback( (void*) myCallBack) //this wont work } } The above code will not work and you will get a compiler error, which says something like cannot convert __gc* to void *. I tried delegates which also wont work here. One thing that one could do, is to create the myCallBack as a static function outside of the managedClass. This would work. But to make my solution look elegant, what I did was to create a __nogc class which was nested within the managedClass. __gc public class managedClass { private: __nogc class unmanagedClass { public: static void CallBack() { managedClass::Instance->myCallBack(); } } static managedClass *thisClass; public: void myCallBack() { } __property static managedClass* get_Instance() { return thisClass; } managedClass() { thisClass = this; //set_callback is a function from the unmanaged library set_callback( (void*) unmanagedClass::CallBack) //this will work } } By doing it like this, when the unmanaged library decides to call my unmanagedClass's CallBack, it will call the ManagedClass's instance's callback. I can then do custom processing thats tailored to the current instance! Coolio!

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