Friday, December 09, 2005

Balloon ToolTip Control - The Code Project - C# Controls

Balloon ToolTip Control - The Code Project - C# Controls Everyone knows the ToolTip control (the programmer ones!!) which are included in the Common Controls version 4.0 since Win95 (that’s what saw first, I haven't ever caught the Win3.11). Since then the control itself have been modified and enhanced in many ways, and after a while, WinXP came to life and the Common Controls version 6.0 saw light with the Balloon ToolTip control included, which is the subject of this article. Neither creating a Balloon ToolTip nor implementing an IExtender is a new subject, not even a hard one, but getting the functionality of both techniques could have some attention, and that's what this article discusses: how to combine the good of both, in a way that's as simple as using the native .NET ToolTip control. While searching around, I found a great article about the Balloon ToolTip control (actually about the ToolTip control, in all its shapes and uses). This article (which could be found at CodeProject too) was a great reference to me and a good, live example of using the Balloon ToolTip control, but the control described suffered from its complexity (not a real complexity, but it had to be operated programmatically), something that pushed me to investigate the IExtender and to accomplish this work.

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