Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Disabling the CTRL + TAB functionality in Visual Studio 2005

Hated the new way in which Ctrl + Tab worked within the new Visual Studio 2005 IDE. From day 1, I have been trying to disable it and make it work in the old way. Finally I found the answer. The simple answer : one can use CTRL + F6, to tab through the windows as one would do in previous versions of VS. But I prefer reassigning the shortcuts, so that I can use the good old CTRL+TAB (CTRL+F6, somehow doesnt cut it for me and is harder for single hand access!) So here is how you do that: Goto Tools->Customize. Click on Keyboard... This will bring up the Options dialog with the tree item Keyboard under Environment open. Type in the "Show commands containing" text box the following "Window.NextD". This should bring up two commands Window.NextDocumentWindow and Window.NextDocumentWindowNav. If you look, CTRL+Tab has been assigned to Window.NextDocumentWindowNav and CTRL+F6 to Window.NextDocumentWindow. Just reassign the shortcuts and you are in business.

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