Friday, December 29, 2006

A GPS device that plugs into the SD memory slot!

This is the first time I have come across a device like this: A GPS that plugs into the SD memory slot. Gosh the possibilities are endless: from the immediate - frees up a slot, to the future - cameras, pocket pc's could become location aware. And it also contains memory: which means a map maker could release the maps and the GPS device on a single package - very cool! SDG-810 Special Features: SiRF Star III with low signal levels and high sensitivity acquisition Built-in GPS omni directional Antenna Supports 20-Channel GPS all-in-view tracking accuracy Real time navigation for location based services Colored LED shows GPS signal fixed or searching This company makes other devices that plug into the SD memory slot (like a camera). Physical Characteristics Dimension 62 mm * 24 mm * 2.1 mm Weight Approximately 30 grams Memory: Expansion Slot Micro SD card (TransFlash Card) memory Size : 512MB, up to 2GB

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