Saturday, February 10, 2007

Posting code samples

I always have a problem whenI try and post code snippets to my blog. The coloring is not right, or the tabing and spacing is not right. Fixing it just a pain. When I used SnippetCompiler, then it has a nice option of copying a HTML version of your code to the clipboard. This feature I have used many times and it has saved me countless hours of laborious editing. Now, I found a website does the same thing and it would be useful for code that comes directly from your project or from some other page on the net:'s CodeHTMLer. I just wish it would have the ability to color C++ code, for which I have no solution right now! "CodeHTMLer is a simple program that translates plain text code into a colorized HTML version of the code. Currently there exists language definitions for C#, JScript, VB.Net and XML "


Anonymous said...

CodeHtmler supports C++.

Alon Hagshury said...

Thanks dood