Monday, February 25, 2008

Broken Images with Blogger, Picasa, and Custom Domains

Recently I blogged about changing my blogs address from to

I thought that everything was working fine - until I looked at the web pages from a different browser. Every image that I had uploaded was coming up as a broken link. The images were there in Picasa, but for some reason would not show up as part of my blog posts.

Finally I figured out that it definitely had something to do with how Blogger and Picasa interact and it did not have anything to do with Windows Live Writer. But What!

Turns out that it is a known issue. The problem has to do with serving of images by Picasa to domains that are not *

Anyways this post by Joe Cheng from the WLW group has more information about the issue. Broken Images with Blogger, Picasa, and WLW.

In addition Joe also provides a very good command line utility - that fixes posts that were detected as having been created by WLW.

What a royal pain!

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