Thursday, May 22, 2008


The story goes that an art student put a GPS tracking device into a suitcase and then shipped it using DHL with clear instructions as to what route the package was to take. The result was that the track that the GPS recorded was a self portrait of the artist. The image shows the trace of the route on a world map.

 The gps generated selt portrait - click to enlarge

But is it a hoax or is it for real?

I am not sure - my only problem with this story is:

My GPS device fails to work even a couple of feet away from the window. So I am not sure how this guy's GPS device was able to get good readings from inside a padded suitcase sitting in the cargo hold of a DHL plane. Also - the minute I enter an area with tall buildings, the GPS starts getting all crazy with all the reflections of the GPS signal - that should have been a much bigger problem inside the cargo hold.

Here is a video by the author.


It would have been cool if the artist had published a KML file of the route - so that we could easily determine if DHL flies to all the locations traced by the drawing.

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Anonymous said...

Of course it's a hoax. DHL doesn't make needless loops in mid ocean. Etc., etc...