Sunday, December 07, 2008

Best New Denver Restaurants (2008)

Based on the 5280 magazine’s best new Denver restaurants list, I have created a Google map containing the locations and some basic information about these restaurants (address, phone number, web URL, what to try).

Read the entire 5280 article from their website:


View Larger Map


BatchGeoCode’s version of the map:

The map was made by first creating an excel sheet with all the information in separate columns. The information was then copied and pasted into’s batch geo-coding tool. BatchGeoCode then took my data and created a KML file. The KML file was downloaded to my computer and then loaded into GoogleEarth. Then GoogleEarth was used to export the kml file as a KMZ file. The KMZ file was then imported into a new Google MyMap. (the step of going from KML to GE to KMZ was needed because there seems to be something wrong with BatchGeoCode’s KML file and it was not getting imported into MyMaps. Using GE to export the file seemed to do the trick for me).

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