Monday, March 29, 2010

Multi touch for your Windows laptop

I have a MacBook and I love the multi touch interface that it provides through its touch pad. Everytime I return to using my Windows machine after using the MacBook, I long for the multi touch interface.

Scrybe changes all that.

First here is what you need to know…. Your laptop should have a Synaptics touch pad. (My Inspiron 1520 has this). Next get Scrybe and install it. (

You will probably need to restart your machine.

The first thing to try is scrolling. Use 2 fingers and drag it down your touch pad….. woo! hoo!

Now to use three fingers. Tap with three fingers. This should bring up a drawing panel. Here you can draw different symbols and have different operations performed.


Drawing the question mark symbol opens up your browser and takes you to your favorite search engine. You can even create custom gestures to do different things.

Its no MacBook multi-finger interface, but it just makes life so much easier (especially 2 finger scrolling). I love it.

Here are the gestures supported:


(tip: use the above image as a wall-paper – to remind you of all the basic gestures, until you have memorized them all)

If your laptop does not have a supported touchpad device then the installer will pop up the following message and quite:

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