Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Are you tired of Cassini?

Fret not, finally there is going to be a replacement for the Visual Studio developer web server cassini. Scott Gu blogged that Microsoft is preparing to release “IIS Developer Express” which will be fully compatible with IIS 7.5. For those of you who have developed with Cassini, you know the biggest issue in using it is the fact that is only a reduced functionality web-server and moving to IIS would invariably unearth problems that didn’t show up with Cassini. (Another major issue was the fact that Cassini did not support SSL – which made it hard to test transport security with WCF). IIS Developer Express will be compatible with VS 2010 and will work with all versions of Windows. Another cool feature is that it will run without any admin privileges being needed to install on the computer. Read more: IIS Developer Express.

Another new application that Microsoft is getting ready to release is a new Compact Edition of Sql Server. This version will allow you to create a database for your website without requiring to install any files. This will make it extremely easy to create a database for your website in shared hosting scenarios. Read more: SQL Server Compact Edition.

Personally, the news about IIS Developer Express is extremely exciting to me and I cant wait for it to be released.

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