Thursday, December 30, 2010

Interstate Road Conditions–WP7 App

BackgroundThis past week’s weather in the north-east and the impending snow that is about to hit Denver, left me wanting for a simple app that would allow me to quickly assess the conditions of the interstates that I might end up travelling. I have always used the interstate conditions pages on ( But what I wanted was the ability to quickly be able to take stock of interstate conditions in my region.

Out of this need was born the Windows Phone 7 app: Interstate Road Conditions.

It allows you to:

  • Get road conditions for the entire country or
  • Road conditions in one of the 9 regions of the country (North-east, east-central, south-east, north-central, central, south-central, north-west, west-central, south-west).

The maps support pinch to zoom and the application also provides you with direct links to pages for the region you are viewing, allowing you to get in-depth and up to date information about road conditions.

Screen shots:

National road conditions mapNational road conditions map - zoomed inCentral road conditions mapCentral road conditions map (tomorrow)Central road conditions map - zoomed inMap in landscape page in Internet Explorer (opened from a link in the app)

You can download the app (its free), using the following direct link to the application:


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