Monday, January 17, 2011

USB memory stick that works with XBox 360

Kingston DataTraveler C10 USB 2.0 Flash Drive

I was looking for a USB drive that would work as additional storage with my Xbox 360. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the minimum performance requirements of a USB drive that will allow it to pass the tests that Xbox performs.

So after much searching, I found the perfect way of finding a list of drives that will work with the XBOX – Amazon’s user review. Though this was not easy, as I could not find a way to search reviews of only products in a given category. So here are some that I found:

Kingston Traveller USB drive on which seems to work with the Xbox 360 to provide additional storage. (Currently available for $20 for a 16gb model). ( reviews by customers who used it with their Xbox)

Another USB drive that Amazon customers have been having success using it with their XBox’s is the Lexar JumpDrive (Reviews by customers using it with their Xbox’s).

Finally, there is the Xbox branded Sandisk drive (which costs approx $45 and is the most expensive).

Note: The maximum supported memory stick size is 16gb. Although you can attach upto 2 to get 32gb of extra memory.

Other drives:

Patriot Xporter (xbox user reviews)

Kingston DataTraveller (xbox user reviews)

More Info:

USB Storage Device Support for Xbox 360 (

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