Saturday, September 08, 2012

Samsung Series 7 Slate–Installing Windows 8 RTM

I just received my Samsung Series 7 Slate that I won at the Denver Windows 8 Hackathon. There was only one problem with it, it came installed with Windows 7. No problem, it was an easy one to remedy:

First create a Windows 8 installation USB stick. (you will need to use the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool available here:

Insert the USB stick into the Slate.

Reboot the Slate. While the Slate is rebooting, press and hold the windows button. This will open the BIOS menu.
Use the right side “orientation” button and the volume Up/Down buttons, to go to the “Exit” tab. There you should be able to see your USB stick listed as one of the boot options.
Select it and click the “Windows” button.

This will start of the Windows 8 installer. After this, you pretty much follow along with the installation and prompts and you should be able to successfully install Windows 8 onto the Slate.

Update software:

Visit: and download and install the Easy Settings application. Also update the BIOS from that site. Over the next couple of months you should also see updates drivers and software specifically made for Windows 8.

After thoughts:

Upgrade to Windows 8 was painless and it just worked. And Windows 8 on a touch pad device is awesome! Love it!

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eitan said...


I also won a Slate, and got it this week.

The Windows 7 USB/DVD tool was made to transfer Windows 7.

In you blog you said to downloaded the Windows 8 RTM, is it the same ISO file I used to install Windows 8 on a fresh machine?

And then use the tool on that ISO RTM file?


p.s. Good luck with your application.