Saturday, July 08, 2017

Taking apart the Ryobi Expand-it string trimmer head

For some reason my Ryobi Expand-it electric trimmer head got stuck and would no longer spool out its line. I tried to take apart the head, but unfortunately, the instructions were not very clear.

It turns out that you turn the red knob right (in the same direction as the “Wind” arrows), when you have the bottom of the trimmer head facing you.


And obviously to tighten it, you turn it to the left. (Its the opposite of the righty tighty and lefty loosey rule!)

Also, I found that its a lot easier to refill the reel, once you take apart the head.

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Unknown said...

Your pic saved the day and now I know how to reload it correctly
. Ryobi 40 volt do it all.