Thursday, April 06, 2023

Power BI + Denodo: FailedWithUnknownOrUnsupportedDataSources

We started getting an error with our Power Bi datasets that were using a Denodo connector. This seems to be happeing only with new files and not existing datasets.

The error we were getting is:

Unable to determine the data source. In order to determine details about custom connector based data sources, Power BI service needs to connect to a gateway, however, no gateway was available/reachable. Details: Static analysis failed in gateway. gatewayObjectId:e884ca97-b4d9-45bc-8560-ad3d2d4eaa56, resultCode:FailedWithUnknownOrUnsupportedDataSources Query contains unsupported function. Function name: Denodo.Contents .

  • Data source for Query1
  • Locally the PowerBi files works fine, this error shows up in PowerBi service after you publish the dataset and take a look at the settings for the dataset.

    It looks like this might be a bug in PowerBI where when you add a new query that uses the Denodo connector, it is adding an empty list to the arguments and that is causing this is.

        Source = Denodo.Contents("MyDenodoSourceName", null, []),

    The problem is caused by the []. If you change the line to remove the empty [], then everything works fine!

                Source = Denodo.Contents("MyDenodoSourceName", null),

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