Saturday, April 29, 2006

Visual Learning Systems (VLS) gets acquired by Overwatch

On friday, April 28, 2006, Visual Learning Systems (VLS), the company that I work for got acquired by a New Jersey based intelligence company called "Overwatch Systems". Overwatch Systems has been on a buying spree for some of the best tools used by intelligence agencies all around the world. It has tools such as RemoteView, used for analysing satellite imagery, as well as tools used for monitoring communications. VLS having been acquired, I guess is a testimony to all the great work that we have been doing here and also to the quality of our products FeatureAnalyst and LidarAnalyst. Most importantly, I think that this acquistion will have the following meaning for our customers: "nothing". We will continue to work and operate just as VLS did for the past 6 years. VLS even gets to keep its name and r&d will stay here in Missoula. I guess a formal announcement will be made on May 1, 2006. Here is a summary about Overwatch from their website. ( "Overwatch Systems provides a suite of integrated software tools that enable analysts to generate relevant, actionable intelligence faster and more effectively for the warfighter, first responder and policy maker. Using capabilities from the Overwatch Intelligence Center to counter current threats, we deliver fieldable collection and analysis capabilities in months where the traditional approach is measured in years." Overwatch Systems develops and markets intelligence analysis products and develops custom intelligence systems as specified by our Government customers. Overwatch Systems develops multi-band single feed SATCOM systems for DOD/HLS customers and have significant communications experience directly related to satisfying intelligence systems communications requirements.

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