Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mio c310x Updated Maps compared - III

POIs BAD CHANGE To include the newer maps - which are larger than the previous data-sets, MIO reduced the number of POIs in the updated maps. (From approx 3million to 1.7 million). Here is a result of the reduction: I searched for Circuit City while centered on city capitol in Denver. The closest result that the new maps gave me was in Wyoming - almost a 100 miles away. The older maps show 2 within a 10 mile radius and 3 more within a 60 mile radius. Above: Results of searching for Circuit City in Denver on the new Maps Above: Results searching for Circuit City in Denver using the old maps
Updated maps - new cities GOOD CHANGE Here is an address that would not come up in the old version - 2160 Gold St, Alviso, CA - apparently the address for Tivo. The city of Alviso, CA wasnt even there in the old one.
THE JURY IS OUT CHANGE Here is a route that apparently is not the most optimal. 100 Oracle Parkway, Redwood City CA, to 3000 El Camino Real, Palo Alto CA. Due to the roads not being marked with the correct speed - the fastest route that is calculated is via city streets - El Camino Real. (Below - old map) In the new maps (below - new map), the route calculated is exactly the same when using the "fastest route" option. But if you instead use the "easiest route" option - you get part of the route being computed as the optimal route. (The optimal route is supposedly Highway 101 and then Oregon Expressway).
Above - route calculated using easy option


Anonymous said...

How do you get these overall route view in the Mio c310x. Cool comparison! thanks for providing this

dj said...

I am having similar issues with POI's. I live in the Cincinnati area, and the closest Circuit City (and Home Depot and Blockbuster Video, etc) is listed as being in West Virginia. I know before the update that there were at least 7 Circuit City listings within 30 miles. I was hoping that I was jest experienceing errors, and a re-load of the map would fix it. As for me, now, this unit is mostly worthless. The map issues I had before were not fixed, and now I lost a bunch of POI's.