Thursday, November 29, 2007

GumStix: the littlest computer

If you haven't heard of GumStix before, these guys make very small computers - literally the  size of gum sticks. The company used to mainly manufacture boards that ran the Linux operating system. From the talk given at the university of Washington, it looks like they have started looking at embedded Windows, which is what got me interested in them.

The computers that these guys make are highly configurable and they have embraced open source and the developer community to a high degree. So you can get pretty much any information you want from their website (  as well as their wikis (


Because the computers are configurable and expandable - you can add on WiFi boards, blue tooth adapters and even a different OS (like WinCE). The following lecture was given by the companies marketing VP Don Anderson. He talks about the WindowsCE that is available for GumStix via the community WE-Dig (Windows Embedded Developers' Interest Group )


Another interesting thing about the lecture is the way in which the video and the slides are synchronized together. Makes it so much easier to follow along with the talk.

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