Thursday, June 26, 2008

Online File Storage

I love SkyDrive from Microsoft. It just works!image

Today I came across Humyo and what piqued my interest was the fact that they give 30gb of free space. (The only weird condition attached is that 25gb has to be media files - photos, videos, music - the rest can be of any type.) Apart from the huge amount of space that they give, the other cool feature that they have is the desktop client that they provide, that allows you to access your Humyo drive just as another drive attached to your local machine.

Unfortunately the virtual drive is not a free feature and requires a $5/month subscription fee.

If it were free, I wouldnt mind trying out the service. In the mean time if any one of you have tried it - leave your recommendation about whether I should try this tool in the comments section.


I am sure that SkyDrive at some point will release the virtual drive feature. The only thing that I dont like about SkyDrive is that if you want to give restricted access to another user, they need to have a hotmail account to log-in before being able to access the protected file. (Not everybody wants to sign up for a Hotmail account). It would be so much better if I could assign a folder or file a password and anybody with that password could then access the file.

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