Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ignore your assets and they could disappear.

FYI! - From a recent ING Direct mailing.

So you've put some money away. And you're just letting it sit there and grow. Or maybe you've stashed away some valuables in a safe deposit box. If you haven't touched either in three to five years, you may never touch them again. It's all because of state laws - called escheatment or unclaimed property laws - that require banks and brokerages to turn over unclaimed property, including un-cashed payroll checks, stock, bank deposits and more, to the State. Property is classified as "unclaimed" when a Customer doesn't contact the bank where his/her money is held over an extended period of time and there has been no activity.

The State government is then supposed to identify and contact the rightful owners, and reunite them with their property; however, each State has a "who's who" list of people who "couldn't be found" and whose property has been seized. For more info, visit

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