Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free LIDAR training from ESRI

ESRI is offering its online LIDAR training for ArcGIS for free. Check it out at -

The overview on page states:

This seminar introduces lidar in general, discusses how to manage lidar data using ArcGIS, and also addresses the needs of those who would like to know the benefits of using lidar data in ArcGIS.

Lidar datasets are massive and contain three-dimensional spatial information about features such as buildings, trees, power lines, etc. Lidar datasets are raw point cloud formats that are not easily interpreted. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and ArcGIS 3D Analyst provide the functionality and tools you need to represent and extract feature information from lidar data.

The presenter will discuss:

  • Introduction to lidar
  • Understanding and interpreting lidar data using ArcGIS
  • Lidar applications and derived products using ArcGIS

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