Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ASP.Net – Page URL from Request

Here is how you can get the page url after stripping out the QueryParameters from the URL.

UriBuilder builder = new UriBuilder(Request.Url); 
builder.Query = ""; 
string urlWithOutQueryParams = builder.ToString();

Other points:
Server.MapPath – is used to convert a virtual path to a physical path. (The virtual path can have the “~” or be relative “..” or “/”)

VirtualPathUtility class has many useful helper methods that can be used to manipulate the path. (

Page.ResolveUrl and Control.ResolveUrl can be used within the context of a page to convert a relative path to a URL. (paths that start with “~”, ”..” , ”/”).

Paths starting with a “~” are known as root relative paths or virtual paths. Paths starting with a “..” or a “/” are known as logical paths and are relative to the web-server’s root.

More info:
Making sense of ASP.Net Paths:

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