Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Artisteer – Create templates for some common content systems

I have written many times on this blog that the one skill that I lack is that of an artist. Colors, layout, etc are hard for me to just create. But when I see good design, I know it. It just appeals to me. If I have to work with a good designer, then I can come up with some cool UIs – but a good designer is a luxury that isnt always available on all the projects that we work on. This is especially true for personal projects.

Today I came across a tool called Artisteer. It looks very promising as a template creation engine, that makes it extremely easy to create design templates for CMSs like DotNetNuke, Blogger, etc.

I plan on writing more about my experience with Artisteer.

Today I tested it out with Blogger and I realized that I needed to backout the change. While exporting a template, Artisteer displayed a message about saving a backup of the existing template. But when the time came to revert back to the old design, I could not find it on my machine. Here is where you can find it:

Windows 7: C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Artisteer\Artisteer2\Library\BloggerBackup

Windows Vista: C:\Documents and Settings\<USER_NAME>\Application Data\Artisteer\Artisteer2\Library\BloggerBackup

Disclosure: I requested a demo license from Artisteer creators to test out the capabilities of the tool when it comes to Blogger blogs and DotNetNuke. The above instruction, as well as any others that I create related to Artisteer, will be based on my testing with a Artisteer version activated by a free license key provided by the developers of the app.

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