Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deploy Manager–GUI tool for creating

Came across Deploy Manager tool. It provides a GUI that allows you to manage and create digital certs.


Until today, I have had to use tools such as MakeCert to create self-signed certs. As I don’t do it often, I always forget the different command line options that I need to use when attempting to create a self-signed cert. Deploy Manager will help through its “New Certificate” UI.

The one thing you need to know: The X500 name needs to specified with a “CN=” (example: CN=www.AggregatedIntelligence.com). In addition you can specify more information using the following format:C=US, ST=Colorado,L=Denver,O=Raj Rao,OU=Aggregated Intelligence,CN=www.aggregatedIntelligence.com, which will create a certificate that looks like the following screen shot:


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