Saturday, September 04, 2010

The future of Silverlight

From a September 1st, 2010 blog post: The Future of Silverlight

Read the post as it talks about Silverlight and HTML5 and Microsoft’s commitment to both technologies. But for the following 3 major classes of applications here is what we will see happening:

Premium Media Experiences
  • High Definition (HD) H.264 and VC-1 video
  • Content protection including DRM
  • Stereoscopic 3D video
  • Multicast
  • Live broadcast support
  • (Adaptive) Smooth Streaming
  • Information overlays / Picture-in-picture
  • Analytics support with the Silverlight Analytics Framework
Consumer Apps and Games
  • Fully-customizable controls with styles and skins
  • The best designer – developer workflow through our tools and shared projects
  • Fluid motion via bitmap caching and effects
  • Perspective 3D
  • Responsive UI with .NET and multithreading
Business/Enterprise Apps
  • Full set of 60+ pre-built controls, fully stylable
  • Productive app design and development tools
  • Powerful performance with .NET and C#
  • Powerful, interactive data visualizations through charting controls and Silverlight PivotViewer
  • Flexible data support: Databinding, binary XML, LINQ, and Local Storage
  • Virtualized printing
  • COM automation (including Microsoft Office connectivity), group policy management

Silverlight is much more than a browser technology.

Silverlight will be available for out of browser scenarios (desktop), mobile, and even the living room. In the near future I am excited to see the innovations in the mobile field with Windows Phone 7.

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