Monday, October 25, 2010

TFS Build Issues –Path is already mapped in workspace


TFS server: running TFS 2008
Team Build Server: running Team Build 2008. VS 2008 is installed and VS 2010 was recently installed on the machine

Error: “The path xxxx is already mapped in workspace xxxx”

We started getting the above error when ever a team build was run and it started happening immediately after installing VS2010 on the build machine.

The problem seems to be that the build machine thinks that a duplicate workspace exists, when it should just think of it as the same workspace. (I am not sure – I am just theorizing here).

Anyways, to fix it here is what I did:

At the VS command prompt I ran the following command: “tf workspaces /owner:{AccountUsedByBuildMachine} /computer:{buildMachineName}”.
The command will list out all the workspaces currently registered to the build account on the build machine.

Next run the following command for each of the above workspaces: “tf workspace /delete {WorkspaceNameToDelete};{AccountUsedByBuildMachine}”. This command will delete the workspace.

Once the workspaces are deleted, you should be able to queue up new builds and they should all work.

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