Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream of ubiquitous computer coming true

In the fall of 2009, I dreamt of a computer that would be as powerful as current laptops/desktop computers that would be contained completely within the form factor of a mobile phone device. My dream was that this would be the only device that we would need that would have computing power built into it and using it for different scenarios would require us to just dock it into various devices. I just saw an ad for the Motorola Atrix and it reminded of my 2009 post and how much more closer we are to the one device that defines us dream. The original post:

The scenarios that I dreamt the device would support would go something like this:

  • Go to work and dock it (the phone) into your monitor and start working. (Atrix provides this though its laptop dock)
  • Unplug the phone and walk up to your car and plug it into a slot in your car and the car customizes itself to you and displays the route using the GPS built into the phone. (Atrix sort of has this – via a GPS app)
  • Go home and dock the phone into its dock and continue working on your office work. Your TV plays videos from the phone and your audio system plays music from the phone. (Atrix has this)
  • Need extra storage or computing power – use the Cloud. (Windows Phone 7 does this through its service – SkyDrive, etc).
  • Play games on the go or on your TV (once the phone is parked in the home dock) (The Windows Phone 7 does this to the greatest degree of any phone out there and is one of the best features it has via Xbox).

Even cooler with the above scenario – instead of docking your device, all connections will occur wirelessly.



Read the more about the Motorola Atrix:

The Atrix brings me close to my dream device, but its not quite there yet. So I wonder how long it will take to get to my dream device? (Atrix still is not powerful enough and the services all havent come together yet).

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