Saturday, April 30, 2011

JustDecompile from Telerik (beta available now)

Today I tried out the beta version of JustDecompile from Telerik and my first impressions are: I like it.

One problem I had was that the installer didn’t create a shortcut to the JustDecompile.exe on my computer (hey it’s a beta! problems are expected).


Some things that I miss in JustDecompile:

  • Does not provide information regarding the .Net version that the module was built against.
  • Does not provide a list of references used by the module.
  • Does not let you see the list of resources embedded as part of the module.
  • Doesn’t provide you the ability to choose the language to decompile code in (C# is the language used to decompile in this beta version).

I am sure as JustDecompile matures these additional features will be added.

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