Thursday, April 14, 2011

select @@SERVERNAME not returning the correct server name

On my machine select @@SERVERNAME was returning “Windows7” instead of the actual server name.

I wanted to use @@ServerName for some script validation and hence needed it to return the correct machine name.

Here is what I had to do:

EXEC  Sp_dropserver 'Windows7'
EXEC  Sp_dropserver 'machineName' –this is not necessary, but on my machine I had a weird conflict and hence had to do it
EXEC  Sp_addserver 'machineName', 'local' –the local argument is REQUIRED

Finally restart your SqlServer instance.

Now run the following command to make sure everything worked correctly.

SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS SqlServerThinksTheServerIs, Serverproperty('Servername') AS theActualServerNameIs

The @@ServerName is especially important for the database deployment scripts created by Visual Studio’s database project as it uses it to validate that the script is being run on the correct machine.

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