Saturday, February 04, 2012

Windows Phone 7–Reoderable list box

I needed a list box that would allow users to reorder items in the box by clicking and dragging a handle. Weirdly, the SDK does not support this kind of behavior (I would have thought that something like this would be part of the standard behavior).

My next step was to see if there was an existing control built by someone else on CodePlex and I had no luck there either. I finally, came across Jason Ginchereau’s blog on the “ReorderListBox” that he wrote. And its an awesome implementation of a re-orderable list.

Check out his blog-post for more details on the capabilities of his control. I have been trying it out and its exactly what I wanted.

Below is a screen of the reorderable list in-action: I am moving the 2nd item to the first place.


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