Friday, July 06, 2018

Creating an Enhanced SLA

For this example, we will create an SLA on the Case entity to measure the first response sent KPI. We will set it up to such that we expect the First response to be sent within 15 minutes of the case being created and a warning will be displayed if the first response has not been sent within 5 minutes.

  1. Create an SLA Record
    1. Settings >> Service Management
    2. New
    3. Leave the default entries and click “Save”
  2. Click the “+” under “SLA Details” to create a new SLA Item
    1. Enter a name: “First Response”
    2. Applicable When: Leave empty
    3. Success Criteria: This is the field that will be checked to see if this SLA item is considered a success or not:
    4. SLA item failure: This is the time after which this SLA is considered as having been failed.
    5. SLA item warning: this is the time after which the SLA will be shown as being close to failure state.
    6. Note: After you save, you will have the ability to define actions that should be undertaken if the success, failure, or warning states have been achieved. This can be used to send an email, etc.
    7. Click Save
  3. Activate the SLA and then set it as Default.
  4. Create a quick view to show the SLA details
    Now that you have create the SLA, you need to be able to display it to the user. For enhanced SLAs, you do this using a quick view.
    1. Open up the default solution (Customizations)
    2. Under entities, navigate to “SLA KPI Instance”
    3. Under Forms, select, “Create a Quick View Form”
    4. Chose “Insert” tab and then click “Timer”
    5. Enter the following details:
  5. Save and then Publish the Form.
  6. Your final step is to include the Quick View on to the Case form
    1. In the same customizations window, go to Entities >> Case >> Forms.
    2. Open your Case form.
    3. Make sure the “First Response Sent” field is on the form.
    4. Next, insert a quick view form with the following info:
    5. Save and Publish the Form.

Testing the changes:

  1. Create a case record.
  2. It should look like this:
  3. After you set “First Response Sent” to Yes and Save, the view should look like this:
    Note: If the count down timer does not automatically stop and show success, then try and refresh the page, as I think there maybe a bug in the display code that doesnt let it update right after the save.

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