Friday, July 06, 2018

Enabling an entity for SLAs

For a quick intro, first read:

Enhanced SLAs allow you to track SLAs on any entity. For this example we will use the “Workflow” entity (which behind the scenes is pretty much a custom entity).

  1. Enable the entity to track SLAs:
    1. Go to customizations and then open the General tab for the custom entity you wish to work with (in this case, I am doing it for “Work Order”).
      1. Doing this adds 2 new fields on the entity: slaid and salinvokeid
  2. Add a KPI field:
    1. Now that entity is enable for KPI, you need to add a KPI Instance field. Lets add one to track the resolved by KPI.
    2. Under “fields” Click on New.
    3. Set the following values:
      1. Display Name: Resolve By KPI
      2. Name: xxx_ResolveByKPI
      3. Data Type: Lookup
      4. Target Record Type: SLA KPI Instance
    4. Click Save and Close
  3. Publish the changes
  4. Setup an SLA
    1. Go to Settings >> Service Management >> Service Level Agreements
    2. Click on New. Under entities, you should see your custom entity (in this case Work Order). If not, check step 1.
    3. Click Ok. Leave the defaults on the next screen and click “Save”
    4. Add a new SLA Item by clicking “+” under “SLA Details”
    5. Set the following values:
      1. Enter name: SLA Resolve By – Default
      2. SLA KPI: Resolve By KPI (If you dont have anything in the drop down, check step (2)).
      3. Applicable When: leave empty
      4. Success Criteria: I am tailoring this for Work Order, but you could simply choose Status: Inactive, etc
        Work Order >> System Status >> Equals >> Open – Completed; Closed – Posted
    6. Setup SLA Item Failure and Item Warning values (I used: 3 days and 1 day respectively).
    7. Click Save and Close.
    8. Activate the SLA and set it as default.
  5. Add the SLA KPI quick view to the custom entity form.
    1. Open the custom entity form (in this case Work Order).
    2. Insert a “Quick View Form”
    3. Save and publish


  1. Create a new record for your custom entity (in this case, I created a work-order)
  2. You should see your SLA details:
    And after the System Status was set to Open – Completed:
    Note: You will likely have to refresh for the timer to go away, as there seems to be a bug or a timing issue with UI (the data itself is all correct).


As of this blog post, here are some limits you need to be aware of (and they only apply to the online CRM instance):

  • The maximum number of entities that can have active SLAs for your organization is 7.
  • The maximum number of SLA KPIs allowed per entity for your organization is 5.

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