Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Great .NET UI components

Sandbar Features: * Office 2003 and Office XP style renderers supplied * Pluggable renderer support for full customisation of appearance * Toolbars can be rearranged and redocked to any side of your form * Toolbars can be pulled off the sides and "floated" in any position * Saving and restoring your users' preferred UI layout is easy with two functions * Images are supported by binding to ImageLists or direct Icon support (16x16 through 128x128) * A completely new menubar can be un/redocked like toolbars, and even host controls * Top-level menu items can be shown as context menus on any control * All library objects can be inherited to extend their functionality And at design time... * Automatic menu system conversion can copy appearance, names and even events of existing menus * Buttons can be bound to menu items to cut down on repeated code * In-situ designer support for adding/selecting/configuring toolbar items * Menu designer offers the same ease-of-use as the framework equivalent, with more capabilities * All toolbar and menu items support full drag-and-drop * Configuration of a toolbar's location in a group is made easy DotNetWidgets Docking Suite Document Manager Outlook Bar Wizard"

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