Sunday, March 20, 2005

Gurudwara (Sikh temple) in Spokane, Wa

Visited the Sikh temple of Spokane. Its most probably the only sikh temple between Seattle and Minneapolis. The giani at the gurudwara, was an especially nice person. The address of the gurudwara is Sikh Temple of Spokane 1420 North Barker Road Spokane, WA 99016 Phone: 509-892-9377 directions when driving from Montana. (take exit 293. At the end of the exit, turn right onto Barker road. The gurudwara is on the right side of the road, opposite Conco gas station). The gurudwara has paat every sunday at 11:00am, followed by laangar. About 45 Sikh families live in the area around spokane. While visiting the gurudwara I recommend a visit to Spokane valley mall. Exit 292 (I think). Also visit the Post-Falls outlet center. I believe it was exit no. 2 (into the Post-Falls event center) in Idaho. (The mall is on the right side of i-90, while travelling from Montana - The outlet center is on the left side of I-90) .

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