Friday, September 01, 2006

Multi Monitor Software

Recently, I came across MaxiVista, an interesting software for using multiple monitor. Currently, at work I use UltraMon (, to control the 2 monitors connected to my desktop developlment machine. What I love about UltraMon, is that it gives me a task bar for my other monitor, so applications shown in that screen, appear on the status bar for that screen. It runs fast, and in the two years I have been using it, I have had no problems or complaints. (It also has some cool tools for screensavers and wallpapers). So, what about MaxiVista. It doesnt seem to handle status bars for multiple monitors. But it can enable networked computers as multiple monitors. UltraMon, works only with multiple monitor display cards. MaxiVista, allows you to extend your screen using a second networked computer (so you could use your notebook as a second monitor). Their demo looks vast and impressive. (Havent had a chance to personally try it, but I have a computer at home that I would like to try it on). MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software: "MaxiVista turns any spare PC into a second monitor for your main computer. No extra hardware required. You can seamlessly extend program windows across multiple screens like it would be a single big monitor. Increase your productivity by using multiple monitors " Here is another software : MultiMon, which is free: Here is a UltraMon look a like :

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