Thursday, January 25, 2007

Unable to install KB923275 and KB923272 - Windows Update to Office

Recently, Windows update was having trouble updating my Office 2003 installation. There was one OneNote update that was failing and 4 Office updates (Specifically KB923275 and KB923272). Though I am sure this problem might affect other office updates as well. After a lot of searching and performing tasks that I saw on other websites, of which none worked, I was almost ready to uninstall and reinstall Office (which I did not want to do as it just takes too long!). And then I happened on a website that had the steps that worked for me: Check to see that the OSE (office source engine) service is running. 1. Goto Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. 2. Run through the list and find Office Source Engine service. 3. In the column status, if it says "Started", then you are out of luck and this fix will not help you. 4. If there column is blank or has some other text, then double click on the service. 5. Click the button Start. 6. Now try and update your system. (My system was successfully updated at this point) 7. Windows update should be able to update your Office installation. If not look up other websites to see if there are other reasons for this problem. (this page may help : 8. If all else fails - reinstall Office. The one weird thing about this step is that my other computer does not have OSE service running and I have never had a failed office update. Which is why I believe this might not solve everybody's problem.

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