Tuesday, December 25, 2007

FileMenu Tools

Ever needed to customize the Windows context menu?

I constantly keep adding tools such as Register, Unregister, Register using VS2005, etc. One way to get the job done is to edit the registry directly, but that requires to remember to many registry paths, variables and settings.

Enter FileMenu Tools.

FileMenu Tools allows you to customize and edit your File Menu Context menu in many different ways. It has extremely convenient features that even allow you to add commands and specify on what types of objects they should be available (folders or files - as well as file types, such as dlls, exes, etc).

You can also edit the Send To option.

FileMenu Tools (FMT) comes with quite a few built in customizations that out of the box extend your context menu almost off the screen. But as the tool allows for complete customization of the context menu - you can pick and choose the ones you like the most.

Awesome tool!

Also works flawlessly in Windows Vista (32).

FileMenu Tools

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