Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get Rid Of Telemarketers

This information is so useful that it would be shameful to not share it.

I keep getting "harassed" by unwanted phone calls. The worst are the automated ones - as there is no one to tell - "Please take my number of your calling list".

This guy has recorded the "Out of service" or "Phone number non-existent" tone. Record it at the beginning of your answering machine's message - and the bot will think that it has reached a number that has been disconnected. According to this blogger - it made all his bot calls go away - that's got to be gold!

Will update on how it works for me!

The file can be downloaded from the bottom of the guy's post. Telemarketers: Get Rid Of Telemarketers, Debt Collectors, And Other Vermin With Phone Tones

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