Thursday, January 31, 2008

nuvifone: A cellphone by a GPS device maker

3cq408In a surprise move - Garmin announced that it was going to start selling a cell phone starting Q3 2008. This might turn out to be an extremely interesting device - as Garmin has been producing the Nuvi GPS system - one of my favorite - for a while. It obviously remains to be seen - how much of that experience developing great GPS devices will be transferred to the NuviPhone.

The biggest thing running for this phone is that Garmin has a pretty good mapping software and also has the data. It remains to be seen if they can add on functionality that will make it as interesting as the iPhone.

Finally - if the iPhone begins supporting GPS devices via a blue-tooth interface - I wonder what users would go for - Google Maps with location support via an external GPS device - or a cell phone with integrated GPS and in-built maps. Personally I would go for the later - as I would know that I will have access to my maps - driving through any location in any country.

More information at Gizmodo : nuvifone: Garmin Drops a Phone into the GPS and Garmin :


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