Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OpenSource project - SpatialViewer

Spatial Data Viewer

A C# OpenSource project for easy viewing of spatial data.
The current release has the following functionality: (from summary page)

  1. Draw points, Lines and polygons
  2. Auto close lines and polygons
  3. Draw with Freehand or with fixed lines(using shift key)
  4. Zoom in and out of drawing (scroll bars not yet implemented)
  5. Enter 1 or geometries by text.
  6. Text Geometries are validated and errors displayed
  7. Display geometries in text and graphical form
  8. Select and highlight geometries from a grid
  9. Select geometries using drawing pane by using another geometry (lasso style selection)
  10. Snap to grid. Restricts points to whole numbers

The Spatial Data Viewer project was started by SimonS whose blog is a good resource on SQL Server 2008 - Katmai. (Many of his latest entries are on using SQL Server 2008 with spatial data). http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/simons/

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