Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twitter – Searching for Twitters

I havent found a page on Twitter on how to customize search (using and/or in your search). So after a little testing here is what I found:

and – All searches with multiple words are by default done using an AND. But if you wanted to be specific – you could use the ampersand (&) symbol

Want to find out tweets about Hiking and Denver: Denver & Hike or simply Denver Hike

Want to find out tweets about chicken recipes: Chicken & Reciepe

or – use OR (in Caps)

Want to find out what is going on in Denver or Boulder : Denver or Boulder

Interested in all tweets with the words Iran or Tehran: Iran OR Tehran

Specific phrases: use quotes

Search for tweets about Colorado Springs: “Colorado Springs” as opposed to just Colorado Springs, which will return stuff like Glenwood Springs Colorado.

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