Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Story-pointing using relative sizing

Using the Sticky-Notes application in Windows 7 makes it easy for every one to see and also works out great when you have multiple teams offsite, that are using screen-sharing to take part in the planning session.
Below is a picture of one such session, where we were using a projector to display the relative sizes locally and an offsite team was viewing the same screen using Mikogo.

Also checkout my previous post on using sticky-notes for story-point estimation:

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Brad C. said...

I agree this was a very effective process. I noted in your previous post that you complained the sticky notes were small and hard to read. I have in the past used some very large post-it notes (bigger than 3X5 cards) to good effect. They're sometimes a little hard to find, but I think I've gotten them at Walmart. We'll see if we can get some before our next sizing exercise in a few weeks. :-)