Saturday, January 12, 2019

Dynamics 365 - Copying Notes from a Lead to an Account

We had a requirement to copy notes from a lead onto an account, when the lead is qualified. There is no OOB way to do this, but I found a Workflow library called “msdyncrmWorkflowTools” that has a step that can do this. Here is how:

The step is called “Clone Children”:

First install the Workflow library by downloading the solution from and importing the solution into your CRM solution.

  1. Next create a workflow process that is attached to the “Account” entity.

  2. After you save it, open the newly created process.
  3. Set the scope to “Organization” (not a required step)
  4. Set the execute as to “owner of the process” (not a required step)
  5. And set the process to run when the “record is created”
  6. Next add a check condition to see if the account’s Originating Lead has been set, which would signal that the account was being created from a lead.
  7. Next add the Clone Children step from “msdyncrmWorkflowTools (
  8. Set the properties to the following values:
    image image
    The relationship name is case-sensitive, so enter it as Lead_Annotation.
    The new parent field, which is used for the old parent field name is objectid.
  9. Save and activate the process and test it!

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